• Fashion Design (AAS)

    Yang Zhang

    Xianyang (Yang) Zhang began his career as a network engineer, working in IT before arriving at Parsons School of Design. Yang’s work in AAS Fashion Design explores the possibilities of outcomes; working with the established principles of “Concept + Creative + Construct” as a guide to his unknown experimental experience.

    Yang’s capstone project, “Research _Tech+ Fashion+ Design,” debuted at the School of Fashion Exhibition at the Parsons Festival. This body of work featured examples of Zhang’s working process behind the overall final outcome that was accessible to the show’s visitors. While studying at Parsons, he participated in many student groups and initiatives, such as showing his collection at the Parsons Student Senate Gala.

    When asking Zhang what the end usage of this project might look like, he responded, “It is still too early to tell.” The designer went on to ask, “What if we were able to further develop this process to construct buildings on a garment, or any object/ structure? [Imagining] generating these forms as an augmentation to the body and assembled as a garment, then people would actually be able to wear their homes” through Zhang’s creations.