• Communication Design (BFA)

    Maya Sariahmed

    Maya Sariahmed Profile

    Maya Sariahmed says she came to Parsons with a mild case of cold feet. “I've always loved art, but it was only one of my interests. I had my apprehensions going down such a specialized path of study so fresh out of high school." 

    Now in the homestretch of her senior year, Sariahmed knows that her decision was the right one. “I love the broad curriculum; I can study book or publication design, motion or spatial graphics, illustration, poetry. BFA Communication Design has a completely open atmosphere that has allowed me to explore many different fields. And the energy of the staff is wonderful."

    Among the projects Sariahmed has undertaken while in school are an internship in Mayor Bloomberg's office working on the PlaNYC campaign, as well as a collaboration with PETLab (Prototyping, Evaluation, Teaching and Learning Lab, a public service game design and research lab or interactive media at Parsons) and the MFA Design and Technology program on a game design for the International Red Cross Climate Centre.

    Sariahmed is particularly happy studying in New York City. “Creativity pumps through every crevice of this city. New, inspiring ideas are everywhere, and people are hungry to reimagine everything. I am in love!”