• Interior Design (BFA)

    Phillip Kwok

    Phillip Kwok Profile

    As a teenager in Hong Kong, Phillip Kwok originally wanted to pursue photography, but found that he was increasingly attracted to the “creative practicality” of interiors. In the Interior Design program, he is intrigued by forays into the “real world” of museums, galleries, and, in particular, design firms, whose projects range from furniture and exhibition design to architecture. “I think it’s really useful and interesting to see how professional designers approach a range of clients, assignments, problems, and work flows,” he says, “and where they go to get their materials.”

    In one of Kwok’s studio classes, student teams competed for the opportunity to design a showroom for Vitra, an international furniture manufacturer. “There were product and lighting design students in the class, as well as interior designers,” he explains. Kwok describes the experience as “a real chance to work collaboratively—the way we will one day in the professional world.”

    Ideally, Kwok would like to re-design spaces like hospital interiors, where the impact could be life altering. “Hospitals can be so blank and cold,” he says, “but by simply changing the color and materials used in the space, you can change how people feel.”