• Integrated Design (BFA)

    Christopher Udemezu

     Christopher Udemezu

    The immersive photographic series Facing a Foggy Mirror, created in 2017 by alumnus Christopher Udemezue, illuminates the lesser-known histories of people of color and the Caribbean LGBTQ+ community.

    In his photographs, the artist suspends tropical landscapes and allegorical scenes in saturated hues against a dramatic black abyss. Intentionally placed symbols—such as the floating white hand of a colonizer—hint at Udemezue’s objective: to reclaim and defend his people’s suppressed legacy.

    By representing historically unseen individuals in contemporary media, Udemezue establishes his present-day perspective, asking, in his words, “Where is my queer self? What are the stories of my trans sisters during the fight for freedom in Trinidad and Tobago? What are the stories of my femme brothers in Puerto Rico’s rebellions against the Spaniards?” Udemezue continues, giving answers, “We were there, too. We have always been here.”

    While completing his degree in Integrated Design at Parsons, Udemezue began investigating the past under the guidance of longtime faculty member Susan Weller. She urged him to claim his title as artist and commit himself to a career in art. Since graduating, Udemezue has developed his creative voice and continued the conversation on racial identity through projects like RAGGA NYC, a platform that combines community events and online interviews; RAGGA NYC was exhibited in the New Museum. “People of color in general, and Caribbean people living here in the United States, are too often disconnected from their story,” says Udemezue. “I’m here to help people find themselves.”