• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Hailee Grisham

    All Hail Designs - 603 Crafted

    My thesis is a New Hampshire-based handbag company with an artisanal feel, with small-town roots and the ability to grow into a more established company. I hope to design in New Hampshire, manufacture in the United States, and sell online and in boutiques across New England. When I was researching New England boutiques, I found that the leather goods being sold had a very traditional and rustic Americana look. Instead of competing with this aesthetic, I wanted to create something that offered consumers a modern alternative. I've been working over the past two years on developing a new, efficient way of making that requires two main steps: cutting the leather and weaving rope. All the rope I used in my collection is recycled rock climbing ropes from schools, gyms, clubs, and recreational climbers. Along with the recycled rope, I also used extra leather hides from factories and companies. My line is made up of 20 bags in five styles, in four distinct colorways. I chose shapes and proportions to make my bags as functional as possible. The large BP and Large Tote, for example, are made to fit a 15-inch laptop.