• Integrated Design (BFA)

    Alexa Seiler


     FASHION FIGHT CLUB takes back all waste from fashion production and uses it for “fabric fights.” Fabric waste is deconstructed during the fight and reconstructed afterwards into a meaningful "outfit." FASHION FIGHT CLUB question: What is an “outfit”? These are the rules:1. You do talk about FASHION FIGHT CLUB.2. You DO TALK about FASHION FIGHT CLUB.3. Please don’t leave the “arena” during the fight.4. Violence to things, not people.5. You can’t fight unless you mend.6. If your material isn’t cooperating, put it down and move to another.7. Bring shirts. Bring shoes. Bring whatever you want to fight.8. If this if your first night at FASHION FIGHT CLUB, you have to fight.Some commands from a fabric fight:"—paw pet pull puncture pierce handle hack rip slash scratch stretch stitch stab scribble shred tear twist turn torch—pull pull pull pull—”“—shred shred shred—”“—pick pick it—”“—pull pull pull pull—”“—RIP—"