• Architectural Design (BFA)

    Kendall Tynes

    Kendall Tynes Profile

    Kendall Tynes has always been intrigued by set design, specifically “the sense of escape a constructed environment brings to a film.” But she didn’t want to limit herself by specializing too early in her career. She chose Parsons “because the coursework is so broad and rigorous. I knew that whatever area of design I ended up in after I graduated, I would be prepared for it.”

    Recently, Tynes landed in a core course that combined “tree studio” with “urban intervention,” which she confesses puzzled her at first. The class studied the effects of natural and manmade interventions on architectural sites, and were challenged to revive an industrial area of the Bronx devastated by poor planning. “At first some of us thought, ‘We’re architectural design students, so what are we doing studying trees?’ It never occurred to me to study design in an environmental context, but I learned that nothing is more critical to architecture than the site itself.”

    Tynes says her small class of 28 students has become “extremely close-knit,” and that this has made it possible to communicate frequently with professors one-on-one. “I am falling in love with the field of architecture as a whole. Right now I am just concentrating on enhancing my design skills at every level,” she says, “and we’ll see where it goes.”