• Fine Arts (BFA)

    Julie Yunhee Moon


    My project comprises interactive structures that embody the act of looking as a physical activity. It oscillates between combining fragmented representations of the body and its palpable nature. I playfully confuse the viewer’s expectations about the appearance of the body, so that one can be imagined instead. Through sculpture’s authority to exist by itself, I build up characters that co-inhabit a tangible space with the audience. “She” maintains an autonomous presence through its withdrawn qualities, which prevent it from being examined as a whole. “She” is essentially a hollow structure that is assembled from a combination of industrial and fabric materials: a steel frame, vacuum drum filler, bowling ball, dryer vent, bungee cord, costume dresses, and lace curtains. The extensive use of materials clutter the ten-pound bowling ball hanging inside the drum.“She” generates and alludes to a range of female representations by the materials used to construct the work. The ruffled blue and pink dress is reminiscent of an American Southern debutante costume. The steel frame, which is attached around the dresses, suggests an image of a ‘girl’ swinging back and forth. The vacuum drum alludes to the female womb because of its placement in relationship to the work’s total structure. However, the focus of “She” as a sculpture is brought back into the reality of the immediate space by the impending danger of the weight of the bowling ball.