• Interior Design (MFA), Lighting Design (MFA)

    Jenny Werbell

    Nested Neighborhood

    My thesis investigates what small interior light interventions can interrupt the routine and pattern of how people relate to their habitat and each other, and ultimately positively impact an ailing environment around a community in transition. The building is a low-income residence for people who were formerly homeless. The goal of this thesis is to recognize the integral role of healing as the building and neighborhood within are strengthened. In this case, the daylight-filled atrium, which the residents share, creates an exchange between the private apartments and the shared space.  The walls of the atrium have small windows that let light into the apartments while restricting visibility into the home. However, on the interior the windows splay open bringing more light. These windows are also shelves for storage that allows the residents to decorate the shared atrium by sharing their treasured objects.