• Integrated Design (BFA)

    Xiqian Peng

    American Acid Capsule

    My thesis collection is entitled, 'American Acid Capsule.' I began toiling with this collection soon after I returned from my semester abroad in London. Reinvigorated and inspired by my time in London, I learned what it meant to be carefree and light-spirited again. Inspiration for my collection came from an integration of the current London underground club culture and a study of the East London street culture. Multi-cultural references are the foundation of the silhouettes, with each look representing an individual character. These looks re-invent traditional garments by taking iconic pieces of clothing and accessories out of their original context, therefore creating a fantasy.

    The title of the collection is also the name of a painting I received from a friend of mine while I was in London. As the collection is deeply personal to me, I chose a title equally as personal.