• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Jack Burns


    I believe that clothes are the language we use to tell our individual stories to the world; we communicate who we are, where we are coming from and how we came to be through what we wear. I began my thesis by focusing on the various ways the English language has been re-designed. I turned my attention to Braille, Morse code and the Qwerty system of reorganizing the alphabet. These reformatted and encrypted derivatives of the English language were designed as way of communicating beyond boundaries and limitations. I then took this knowledge gained through research and applied it to patternmaking, making textiles and construction. My thesis evolved into a story of textiles and form and how they relate to the body.

    My design philosophy is anchored in the sharing of ideas, methods, and alternative systems of creation in an effort to elevate the current conversation of design by questioning systems and means of resolution. I aim to establish a current, articulate voice that is not limited to the present, but is an evolving response to life and not to a trend. By approaching design from a holistic perspective founded in introspective system analysis, I construct, improvise and question all stages of the design process. This allows me to reinterpret fashion from a more focused perspective.