• Architectural Design (BFA), Interior Design (BFA)

    Meredith Woolfork and Katharine Teague

    East Harlem Tutorial Program

    At the corner of 105th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan is the East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP), an after-school tutoring program for neighborhood youth. We have designed a new building for the EHTP, which will soon join with a charter school in a new facility. Consistent with the learning model used at EHTP, this building was designed to facilitate independent learning among students. A blue cube at the center of the building allows students to interact with one another in a less structured manner, thus becoming a place they want to go rather than a place they have to be. Careful consideration was given to the exterior identity of the building in an effort to engage the community at large, as well as emphasize the well-established identity of EHTP.