• Product Design (BFA)

    Henry Richmond Young

    Ad Tempus

    Ad Tempus is a set of dessert plates that reflects the symbiotic relationship between food, presentation and dining. Following the temporality of seasonal menus, Ad Tempus is designed to adapt and evolve, and was developed with input from chefs, hoteliers and food designers.

    Restaurants today constantly evolve due to seasonal markets and the demand of its customers for something new. However, plating continues to rely on flourish and garnishes to define presentation. The lack of connection between food, plate and dining is due in part to the standardization of plating.

    Ad Tempus is manufactured through 3D printing, which enables small-batch production—this provides the opportunity for more experimentation and collaboration between the chef and designer, and enabling new modes of dessert ware that can be seasonal and otherwise compliment the dining experience.