• Photography (BFA)

    Charles Caesar


    The 4x6 prints that comprise the Vignettes series exist as gateways into a world of enigmatic suspense and preternatural reality. These mysterious scenarios can be subjectively interpreted and associated with one another to create a narrative or overall perception. The size and medium of the images is intended to hearken back to a not-so-distant time (before Facebook, iPhones, and Instagram) when conventional photography required one to take a roll of film to a drug store or small lab in order to receive small prints of their order. The time lapse between shooting a roll of film (or finding one and having it developed) and seeing its contents allows for the unique experience of seeing something unexpected or unexplainable among the results. The constructed and directed content of the Vignettes make reference to tropes of cinematic suspense and inscrutability as well as French philosopher Roland Barthes’ concepts of stadium and punctum in everyday photography.