• Communication Design (BFA)

    Leslie Shapiro

    Moire Mag

    Moire Mag is an experimental webzine exploring the intersections between visual design, content and interaction. After holding open submissions for the zine's content, I designed and conceptualized the visual and interactive elements of each selected contribution, constructing a unique webpage around every piece. Each page is intended as a different experience relating to the process of reading. The visual and interaction design plays with the ways we perceive and interact with content, both consciously and unconsciously, on the Internet: it highlights and obfuscates, organizes and disorganizes, adds and removes to challenge or ease our understanding of the way content is communicated and displayed online. The overall architecture of Moire Mag aims to provide a more immersive and evocative approach to displaying content online, while never compromising the most crucial aspect of the magazine reading experience: the coherency and essential meaning of the content itself.