• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Si Lu

    Norwegian Wood

    I believe we can see ourselves in nature. The Haruki Murakami novel Norwegian Wood inspired my collection. The story is about nostalgia, loss and sexuality of a younger generation. I was deeply drawn to the way the author used Norwegian Wood as a metaphor to depict the mysterious, paradoxical and solitary world of human nature. Throughout this collection, images of trees, and their branches, holes, knots and textures, became motifs for alien creature-like prints, just like “Norwegian Wood” surreally exists in a world of nostalgia and illusion. Draping experimented with origami techniques, in order to achieve a vision of engineering an organism. As tree patterns are revealed from the interior folds of the white origami, the textile and shapes portrays a three-dimensional metaphor: human nature is a shell of endless solitude holding intense emotions inside.