• Fashion Design and Society (MFA)

    Talia Shuvalov

    reFold /

    This collection serves as a precarious externalization of consumer culture and presents ideas of accumulation and materiality. I am interested in how consumables, however excessive, may become part of human condition and necessity. Repetitive accumulation and repetitive consumption stimulates ones need to consume many different ‘types’ of products with the same basic function. The collection explores the re-consumption of basic elements of dress such as the tee shirt, jean & sweater. Repeating the cycle of consumption through sourcing, fabrication and make of the garments, I aim to redirect the position of these basic items into a luxury market. Each tee shirt and sweater has been developed through a process of deconstruction, where vintage tee shirts have been knitted and woven together before being reconstructed into a new variation of the item. For each tee shirt, parts of 5-7 vintage tee shirts have been utilized in the reconstruction.