• Fashion Design and Society (MFA)

    Jun Ju Yeon Hong

    Unfinished Creative Work

    Fine artist Andrea Lopez Garcia’s drawing book was the starting point for my collection. His drawings represent the various lines and shapes that form the core definitions of the object and its iconography.

    The idea of transforming such an artistic process into a sartorial form was a challenging one. This involved serious stylistic experiments. I created a variety of deconstructions of fully constructed jackets and overlaid multiple lines via digitized images of deconstructed garments to find elements to correlate stylistic multiplicity. The final pieces at might appear as if they are incomplete but are in fact complete, and are executed with innovative shapes, lines, and details.

    “Unfinished creative work” encourages the audience to imagine and redefine the notion of conventional sartorial forms. The final product leads to the further continuation of the creative process and in some ways initiates more powerful messages than the final work themselves.