• Architectural Design (BFA)

    Hsining Chang

    The bathroom is the most private room of the house, yet it is the room requiring the most exposure to air. In this study, bathrooms surround a central space that is open to air, also allowing a view outwards from every bathroom. The enclosure allows the central space of the house to become the most private, yet most exposed. From the bathrooms, the house slowly gradates in terms of the privacy of the rooms, with the living and dining rooms protecting the house from the public. As a guest, one would only visually experience the central space, never being allowed to physically occupy it.

    The bathroom is also where the body comes into direct contact with surfaces. To study how age affects this phenomenon, the occupants of the house represent three different age groups, two children, an adult couple, and an older disabled person. The materials of the bathroom further emphasize the idea of the nude body within the bathroom. The tactility of the materials are sensitive to the multiple age groups living within the house.