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    Logo design, signage, and digital and social media applications for Parsons Festival 2019 were designed by Kayla Van Der Byl, BFA Communication Design '20, and Samia Husari, MPS Communication Design '18, in the University Design Studio course, taught by Lucille Tenazas.

    The Parsons Festival is an annual series of art and design events in which cutting-edge student work is presented to the Parsons community and the public. The festival takes place at the end of each academic year and includes thesis exhibitions and critiques, thought-provoking public programs, interactive installations, gallery openings, workshops, and special events leading up to Commencement.

    Parsons Festival 2019 will kick off May 1 and run through May 20. It will feature numerous end-of-year exhibitions, events, presentations, open studios, and programs.

    The festival showcases the creative and intellectual achievements of Parsons' graduating students — a diverse and exciting group of artists, designers, architects, photographers, filmmakers, technologists, scholars, and strategists. Individual schools and programs display the work of their students, demonstrating how Parsons has shaped students' research and practice. Parsons Festival offers the campus community and the general public opportunities to experience and engage with the innovation, critical inquiry, and social concerns that drive the creative process at Parsons.

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