Parsons Paris

Student Profiles

  • Amina Suleimanagich '16

    IMG - Amina Suleigmanagich

    Why did you decide to study at Parsons Paris?
    Because of my Bosnian background, I have spent many summers in the Balkans and throughout Europe, so I decided I wanted to see what it’s like to live and study as a typical European. Also, when it came time to choose a language to study in high school, I chose French.

    How long did you stay as a mobility student at Parsons Paris?
    One year, although I certainly would have stayed until graduation if my program was larger there.

    Favorite classes:
    Dynamic Drawing and Letterforms
    Time (Studio Class)
    Economics and Ethics of Sustainable Design

    What activities did you take part in at Parsons Paris?
    3D workshops
    Activities in the student lounge

    How did living in Paris affect your experience and studies?
    I became more of the person I wanted to be, and that opened many doors for me. I took advantage of opportunities my professors offered me and built a network with and through them. I even had my work shown at the Tate Britain!

    Did you get any internship experience?
    My roommate Lu and I got approached by one of our professors, a contemporary artist, to assist her. That later led to an internship at Galerie Allen, her gallery, I learned how the contemporary art industry functions, met a lot of amazing people, and had opportunities to go to a lot of interesting events.

    How would you describe your experience at Parsons Paris?
    I got to collaborate with both peers and professors and make lifelong friendships. I met people I can reach out to in the future to work on a project or visit while traveling.