Parsons Paris

Student Profiles

  • Lauren Gulotta '16

    IMG - Lauren Gulotta

    Why did you decide to study at Parsons Paris?
    I took pre-college courses in drawing and painting while I was in high school and started my studies at the Parsons NYC campus in 2012. The professors and facilities were the best I'd experienced. Paris was a good place to study fashion.

    How long did you stay at Parsons Paris as a mobility student?
    One year, from fall 2014 to spring 2015.

    Favorite classes:
    Global Issues in Design and Visuality — 21st Century
    This Is Not An Object
    Visual Communication

    What activities did you take part in at Parsons Paris?

    • Worked as an intern at Galerie Allen
    • Worked as an art assistant with artist Mel O'Callaghan
    • Traveled to London and Normandy
    • Photographed many regions of Paris and its suburbs (Belleville, Montmartre, Saint-Ouen)
    • Showed work at Tate Modern All Glitched Up exhibition
    • Visited flea markets, thrift shops, record shops, and art supply shops and did fabric sourcing
    • Attended concerts and visited bars

    How did living in Paris affect your experience and studies?
    By working at the Galerie Allen, I met artists and designers who had many different ideas to share, which exposed me to unfamiliar mediums and processes. The slow-paced culture of Paris helped me to explore ideas I don't believe I could have investigated in New York City.

    Did you get any internship experience?
    From September 2014 to May 2015, I worked at Galerie Allen with artist Mel O'Callaghan, who was one of my professors. I wouldn't consider this work intern experience — it was far more intensive, and the time spent with the gallery team and artists was the most memorable of my entire year in Paris.

    How would you describe your experience at Parsons Paris?
    I'm lucky to have met my roommate. Amina (a BBA Strategic Design and Management mobility student), with whom I worked side by side on many projects. I also feel grateful to have worked with such exceptional professionals in the fields of art and design. Living in a country where I couldn't speak the language fluently was discouraging (though I did study French for the year I was at Parsons Paris and am glad to say I did so). I plan to move back someday and continue working with artists living in Paris and in other European cities.