• Registration Dates and Policies

    Spring Registration 2019

    Registration for spring 2019 will re-open at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 2.

    The Registrar's Office helps students register for classes, charges tuition and fees, and processes course changes and withdrawals.

    Registration procedures and deadlines are different for degree-seeking students and students taking continuing education courses.

    Petitions for exceptions to registration policies are reviewed and evaluated by the University Appeals Committee. Petitions may be submitted on this University Appeals Committee form.

    Please note that the use of any software product that artificially mimics the keystrokes and clicks necessary to register for classes is strictly prohibited. The use of such products may cause your account to be locked, after which you would need to contact an advisor to add or drop courses for the rest of the term.

    Degree Students

    New degree students register over the summer for the fall term and in January for the spring term. Visit the New Student Information site for registration dates, procedures, and policies.

    Continuing degree students register through The New School's online registration system in April for the following fall term and in November for the following spring term. Visit the Registration Information page to learn about advising information and things you need to do before registering.

  • Spring 2019 Registration Dates

    LevelStudent TypeOnline Reg Access Start and End Date Reg Start Time
    GradEarned Credits: 15 or moreNov. 5-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    UndergradBFA/BA and All Dual DegreeNov. 5-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    GradAll OnlineNov. 5-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    GradAllNov. 5-Dec. 2112:00 noon
    UndergradAll OnlineNov. 5-Dec. 213:00 p.m.
    UndergradAAS - Spring 2018 and Earlier AdmitsNov. 6-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 120+Nov. 6-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    UndergradAAS Fall 2018 AdmitsNov. 6-Dec. 213:00 p.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 105-119Nov. 7-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 90-104Nov. 7-Dec. 218:30 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 75-89Nov. 9-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 60-74Nov. 9-Dec. 218:30 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 45-59Nov. 12-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 30-44Nov. 12-Dec. 218:30 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 15-29Nov. 14-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    UndergradEarned Credits: 0-14Nov. 14-Dec. 218:30 a.m.
    Visiting/Non-DegreeAllNov. 16-Dec. 218:00 a.m.
    CE - CertificateAllDec. 410:00 a.m.
    CEAllDec. 1110:00 a.m.

    Policy on Registration Accommodations for Religious Observances and for Students with Disabilities

    Students who cannot enroll for courses during the initial registration period because of religious observance will be offered alternative times to complete their registration. Students must submit their request to the Registrar's Office for processing through this link.

    Students whose disabilities are of a complex nature and require lead time to arrange for the services, instruction, and/or schedule that best meets their needs will be offered alternative times to complete their registration when appropriate. For example, a student with a chronic medical condition may need an alternative registration time to schedule classes around required medical appointments. Students must contact Student Disability Services to discuss their eligibility for an alternative registration time as a reasonable accommodation.

    Late Registration Fees

    Fall Deadlines

    Late Registration Fee
    Students should register by midnight before the end of the add/drop period. If you miss the deadline, you will be charged a late registration fee of $150.

    Spring Deadlines

    Late Registration Fee
    Students should register by midnight before the end of the add/drop period. If you miss the deadline, you will be charged a late registration fee of $150.

    How to Avoid Late Registration and Late Payment Fees

    • Register for fall courses in April and for spring courses in November. Advisors may not be available during the summer months. Check with your department or school for advising availability.
    • Complete the financial aid application process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do not delay in submitting critical documents. Check with Student Financial Services if you have any questions or concerns about your financial aid package.
    • Sign up for the payment plan on time. Check with Student Financial Services if you need an application or have a question. New School for Social Research maintenance-of-status students are now eligible to join the tuition payment plan.
    • Check your account through my.newschool.edu on a regular basis to find out about any outstanding charges. Take care of any charges promptly.
    • Bills are sent in early July for the fall semester and in early December for the spring semester. If a balance remains on your account after tuition, housing, and other fees have been charged, send the balance due by the payment deadline date.
    • If you will be receiving a third-party reimbursement, be sure to submit the appropriate documents to Student Financial Services by the payment deadline date.

    Late Fee Appeals

    If you are charged a late payment fee or late registration fee and have extenuating circumstances that warrant a review of the fee, you can appeal by writing a letter stating your case and attaching appropriate documentation. You will need to pay the fee before the appeal can be reviewed. The appeal must be received before October 15 for the fall term and before February 15 for the spring term. If the appeal is granted, you will be issued a refund.

    Please submit your appeal and all supporting documentation through the University Appeals Form.

    If you have any questions regarding your appeal please contact appeals@newschool.edu.

    Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Policies

    If you would like to add or drop a course in my.newschool.edu, please contact your advisor for guidance and instructions. All course changes must be submitted to the Registrar's Office through my.newschool.edu or in person. No course change is effective until you have completed this process.

    Attending a class and/or completing course requirements alone is not the same as registration. Students should attend classes only if they are officially registered and will receive credit only upon successful completion of a registered course. Similarly, just notifying the instructor that you will no longer attend does not constitute withdrawal. If you do not officially withdraw from the class and stop attending, you may be administratively withdrawn or you may receive a permanent grade of "Z" on your record.

    A grade of "W" means you have withdrawn from a course without academic penalty. The course appears on your transcript with a grade of "W," is counted toward attempted credits for the term, and does not factor into the term or cumulative GPA. Please refer to the Add, Drop, and Withdrawal deadlines below for more information on withdrawing from a course with a grade of "W." See also Grade Descriptions.

    The university reserves the right to administratively withdraw any students who are not actively attending all of their courses and who have not applied for a leave of absence. An administrative withdrawal is defined as withdrawing a student from all registered courses and his or her academic program. The university initiates an administrative withdrawal if a student ceases to attend ALL registered classes and ceases to communicate with college officials for a period of 14 consecutive calendar days at any point during the registered term. An administrative withdrawal may result in grades of "W" and will be subject to charges based on the university's refund policy. For more information on attendance and administrative withdrawal policies, see here.

    F-1 and J-1 international students are required to have authorization from ISSS to drop below full-time. For more information, please go to the ISSS website.

    Add/Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines: All Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

    Adding a courseThrough the second week of the semester
    Dropping a courseThrough the second week of the semester
    Withdrawal with a grade of "W" for all studentsThe third week through the 12th week of the semester

    Please note: The refund schedule may apply to a course being dropped. Before making a scheduling change, be sure to refer to the schedule. Late-starting courses can be added after these deadlines with the permission of your program.

    Spring 2019 Add/Drop and Withdrawal

    Add Deadline

    • February 4: Deadline to add online in MyNewSchool

    Drop Deadline

    • February 4: Deadline to drop online in MyNewSchool

    Withdrawal with a grade of "W"

    • February 5 through April 14: Withdrawals online in MyNewSchool

    Please note: Any request to add, drop, or withdraw after the above deadlines is subject to the approval of the appeals committee and is not guaranteed. For this reason, it is critically important to fully register and make necessary changes before the appropriate deadline.

    Refunds for Degree-Seeking Students

    Students are responsible for knowing university policies regarding adding or dropping courses and refund of tuition and fees. Refunds are granted only after the official withdrawal procedure has been completed.

    Refund schedules can be found on the registration information page under Important Information.

  • Open Campus Students

    • Registration begins as soon as course offerings are officially announced online. To stay up-to-date, sign up to receive our e-newsletters or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • Register as a noncredit, credit, or certificate student. Be sure to select the level that's right for you before you register. The easiest way to find and register for a course is online. Payment will be due at the time of registration. For more information, visit the How To Enroll page.
    • Noncredit certificate students enjoy early access to registration (up to one week before general course registration opens). Explore and register for our noncredit certificate programs here.   
    • Is the course you're hoping to take full? Many courses are available for wait listing. To get added to the wait list for a course, contact the Registrar's Office, either by email at RegHelp@newschool.edu or by phone at 212.229.5620.
    • More questions? Contact us at opencampus@newschool.edu or 212.229.8933 x4076.

  • Registration Options

    • Online: opencampus.newschool.edu
    • Phone (noncredit only): 212.229.8933 x4076
    • Fax: 212.229.5648
    • In person or by mail: Registrar's Office, 72 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10011
    • For fax and mail registration, please use the registration forms in your catalog or download the registration forms in our "Forms" section.

    Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policies

    These policies apply to all noncredit and undergraduate nondegree credit students.

    Withdrawals from courses, transfers from one course to another, and changes to your course status (from noncredit to credit, for example) must be done online or in writing. Please be sure to make these changes before the deadlines shown in the schedules below. Any additional tuition or fees are payable at the time the change is made.

    To add another course(s) after you have already registered, just complete the normal registration process online, in person, or by mail or fax before the deadline (see schedule below). Note: General credit registration for nine or more credits requires permission.

    • To transfer from one course to another, start by visiting our online catalog. Scroll your mouse over "Login" in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your credentials to log in. From there, first add the course you would like to register for; then click on Manage Registration to drop the class you would like to drop. 
    • To withdraw from a course without adding another, start by visiting our online catalog. Scroll your mouse over "Login" in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your credentials to log in. From there, click on Manage Registration to drop the course.

    If you have any questions about adding or dropping a course, please contact us.

    Deadline to Change Course Status

    Fall and Spring Semester Full-Term and Online Courses

    This schedule applies to all classroom courses scheduled to start during the first week of the semester and meet for 10-15 weeks and to all online courses.

    Schedule TypeDeadline to Change Course Status
    On-site 10–15 weeksBefore end of week 2
    Online 15 weeksBefore end of week 2
    Online 9 weeksBefore end of week 2
    Online 5 weeksBefore end of week 2

    On-Site Short, Intensive, and Summer Courses

    This schedule applies to all classroom courses in the summer term and to any courses in fall and spring semester scheduled to start after the first week of the semester or scheduled for less than ten weeks on any schedule. Course tuition will be refunded in full if an official withdrawal is received before the first class meeting.

    Schedule TypeDeadline to Change Course Status
    10 or more sessionsBefore 2nd session
    6–9 sessionsBefore 2nd session
    3–5 sessionsBefore 1st session
    1–2 sessionsBefore 1st session
    Summer intensive programsSee website

    More information coming soon.

    Refund Policies - For Continuing Education Students Only

    Tuition will be refunded in full only if your official withdrawal is received before the first day of the academic term. Otherwise, any refund will be prorated as described in the Add/Drop Schedules below. Please note that the first day of the academic term may occur before the first meeting day of your course (see academic calendar).

    Exception for Online Courses

    The first week of online courses is an orientation. Written notice of withdrawal received during the first week the course is online will qualify for a full refund. After that, refunds will be prorated as per the table below.

    Exception for Late-Starting or Short Courses and Summer Courses

    Written notice of withdrawal received before the date of the first class meeting qualifies the student for a full refund. After that, refunds will be prorated as per the table below.

    Refunds are computed from the date and time the written request is received in the Registrar's Office or the date of the postmark if the request is mailed.

    The registration/university services fee is not refundable unless your withdrawal is due to the university canceling the course or changing the class schedule or instructor.

    Refunds of fees paid by credit card will be processed as a credit to the credit card account.

    If you stop attending classes you still need to officially withdraw from the class to qualify for a refund. Only notifying the instructor that you will no longer attend is not a withdrawal. You need to notify the Registrar's Office in writing as outlined above.

    Refunds for Canceled Courses - For Continuing Education Students Only

    The New School reserves the right to cancel courses or adjust curriculum. Courses are typically canceled because of insufficient enrollment, withdrawal of the instructor, or inability to secure appropriate instructional space. If your course is canceled, you will be notified by the Registrar's Office and asked whether you wish to transfer to another course or to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. If you are in a certificate program, please consult with a program advisor if a required course is canceled.

    Refund Schedules - For Continuing Education Students Only

    Spring 2019

    *These refund schedules do not apply to online-only students who live in the following states: Indiana, Oregon, Maryland, or Wisconsin. That refund schedule can be viewed here.

    DescriptionRefund Start DateRefund End DateTuition Refund %
    15-Week Courses05-Nov-1828-Jan-19100%
    Start 1/22/1929-Jan-1904-Feb-1975%
    End 5/13/1905-Feb-1911-Feb-1950%
    14-Week Courses05-Nov-1803-Feb-19100%
    Start 1/28/1904-Feb-1910-Feb-1975%
    End 5/13/1911-Feb-1917-Feb-1950%
    13-Week Courses05-Nov-1903-Feb-19100%
    Start 1/28/1904-Feb-1910-Feb-1975%
    End 5/5/1911-Feb-1917-Feb-1950%
    13-Week Courses05-Nov-1910-Feb-19100%
    Start 2/4/1911-Feb-1917-Feb-1975%
    End 5/13/1918-Feb-1924-Feb-1950%
     25-Feb-1903-Mar-19 25%
    12-Week Courses05-Nov-1910-Feb-19100%
    Start 2/4/1911-Feb-1917-Feb-1975%
     25-Feb-1903-Mar-19 25%
    12-Week Courses05-Nov-1917-Feb-19100%
    Start 2/11/1918-Feb-1924-Feb-1975%
     11-Mar-1913-May-19 0%
    11-Week Courses05-Nov-1925-Feb-19100%
    Start 2/19/1926-Feb-1904-Mar-1975%
    11-Week Courses05-Nov-1902-Mar-19 100%
    Start 2/25/1903-Mar-1908-Mar-19 75%
    10-Week Courses05-Nov-1927-Jan-19100%
    Start 1/22/1928-Jan-1902-Feb-1975%
    10-Week Courses05-Nov-1909-Feb-19100%
    Start 2/4/1910-Feb-1915-Feb-19 75%
     16-Feb-1921-Feb-19 50%
     22-Feb-19 27-Feb-19 25%
     28-Feb-1921-Apr-19 0%
    9-Week Courses05-Nov-1928-Feb-19100%
    Start 1/22/1929-Feb-1904-Feb-1950%
    9-Week Courses05-Nov-1909-Mar-19100%
    Start 3/4/1910-Mar-1915-Mar-1975%
     28-Mar-1913-May-19 0%
    7-Week Courses05-Nov-1926-Jan-19100%
    Start 1/22/1927-Jan-1931-Jan-1950%
    6-Week Courses05-Nov-1930-Mar-19100%
    Start 3/25/1931-Mar-1905-Apr-1950%

    Summer 2018 Continuing Education Registration Dates

    Schedule TypeOnline Registration Access Start Date and Time
    Summer intensivesJanuary 4 at 10:00 a.m.
    Noncredit certificatesApril 3 at 10:00 a.m.
    Continuing education (noncredit and credit courses)April 10 at 10:00 a.m.