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    Charles Warner is a sales and management consultant and trainer for several media companies. He is the Goldenson Chair Emeritus at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Until he retired in 2002, he was Vice President of AOL's Interactive Marketing division, and before joining AOL, he was the Goldenson Endowed Professor at the Missouri Journalism School where he taught media management and sales, and he created and ran the annual Management Seminar for News Executives. Charlie's book Media Selling, 4th Edition is the most widely used sales textbook in the field. Charlie has also served as a management and sales consultant and trainer for CBS, ABC, ESPN, MTV, Fox TV Stations, AH Belo, Hearst Magazines, Microsoft, Cox Cable, and many other major media companies. He has also been VP, General Manager, of WNBC-AM (now WFAN) in New York, WMAQ-AM and WKQX-FM in Chicago, WWSW-AM and WPEZ-FM in Pittsburgh, and CBS Radio Spot Sales.

    Degrees Held:

    BFA - Columbia University, 1957

    MS Journalism - Southern Illinois University, 1982

    a.b.d.PhD. Journalism and Mangement - Southern Illinois University, 1982

    Research Interests:

    Media Sales, media sales management, media general management, creativity and innovation.

    Current Courses:

    Managing Innovation in Media (Spring 2020)

    Media Sales&Sales Management

    Media Sales&Sales Management (Spring 2020)