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    Amir Husak

    Assistant Professor of Media Studies


    Amir Husak is a documentary media maker, artist and educator based in New York. He has worked as a director, editor and sound designer on numerous films and art installations. Combining emergent and traditional media, essay and experimental techniques, Husak’s work explores documentary as social practice and investigates digital media representations of history and identity politics. He has shown films and interactive media projects at such diverse places as South by Southwest (US), Sundance Film Festival (US), Cinemateca Distrital (Colombia), Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Stadtmuseum Graz (Austria), P.O.V./PBS (US), Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (US), TV Cultura (Brazil), and Full Frame Film Festival (US). Over the last decade, he has been teaching courses and conducting workshops on socially engaged filmmaking and interactive media at universities and community media centers in United States, Europe and South America. Both Fulbright and Jack Kent Cooke fellow, Husak published articles and essays on activist documentary and collaborative media practices. More recently he also co-edited a volume on socially engaged art and activist media in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Recent Publications:

    Husak, Amir. “Exercising Radical Democracy: The Crisis of Representation and Interactive Documentary as an Agent of Change.” Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, no. 15, Summer 2018, pp. 16–32.

    “In Search of a Thirdspace” (orig. in Bosnian: “U potrazi za trećeprostorom: umjetnost socijalne prakse u Bihacu”)Revizor (Broj 1.), Contributing author, Revizor Foundation, Bihać: 2018.

    Interactive Multi-Media Essay: “Critical Reflection on Dayton Express” in Database | Narrative | Archive Digital Anthology, Matt Soar and Monica Kinganon, eds. Database | Narrative | Archive, ISBN 978-0-9812034-2-3, 2013

    Research Interests:

    Documentary, new media, cultural memory, sound studies, migration studies, ethnic conflict, Balkan studies

    Awards And Honors:

    Civic Engagement Fund Grant, The New School for Public Engagement, 2014

    Fulbright fellowship, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Independent research, 2012-2013

    Dorothy Hirshon Award, Mixed Messages, 2009

    Distinguished Thesis Award, The New School, NY 2009

    Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship, Lansdowne, VA 2006

    Detroit Research Initiative Project Development Grant, Urban Renewal, Detroit, MI 2005


    Current Courses:

    Doc Practice & Emerging Media (Spring 2020)

    Doc Talks

    Doc Talks (Spring 2020)

    Documentary Project (Spring 2020)

    Fnds Documentary Practice

    Media Design

    Thesis Supervision

    Thesis Supervision (Spring 2019)