Public Engagement

Degree Requirements

  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre is awarded for successful completion of 120 credits as described below:

    • 60 credits transferred from the AMDA Integrated program
    • 60 additional credits, which must include at least 48 credits in liberal arts subjects as defined by The New School (and may include not more than 12 credits in non-liberal arts subject areas). View the undergraduate curriculum to identify liberal arts and non-liberal arts subjects. Up to 24 of these 60 additional credits could be transferred from other colleges and universities subject to the liberal arts distribution requirement described.

    Students who enter the BFA program with fewer than 30 liberal arts transfer credits must take their first 12 credits (four courses) in general education at The New School.

    Students are responsible for keeping track of the liberal arts and non-liberal arts credits they need to complete the degree requirements. Careful consultation with an academic advisor (at least twice a year) is important in order to maintain the correct distribution of credits.

    A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better is required to graduate.

    Questions about courses, study options, and degree requirements can be answered by an admission counselor or a core faculty advisor in the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students.