Designing Online Learning Programs (Online)

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    Certificate Details

    • Course requirements: 4 online courses.
    • Timeline to completion: Courses last five weeks. Most students take two courses per semester. The certificate must be completed in two years.
    • Cost: $550 per course; $1,650 total.

    Emerging technologies and learning modalities provide education and training professionals in all sectors—from K–12 and higher ed to corporate and nonprofit settings—with a growing array of opportunities to offer rich, effective instruction to learners worldwide. These project-based online courses, designed and taught by industry leaders, offer virtual collaborative capacities and skills related to designing curricula, choosing delivery platforms, managing best practices, and attracting and retaining learners. Skills are designed to be implemented as you learn, and a capstone e-learning plan integrates individual course outcomes.

    Certificate Course Sequence

    Designing Online Learning 101

    This course prepares you to design, develop, and teach online courses. Topics covered include the application of learning theory to online instruction, online course content development, and strategies for effective online curriculum planning and delivery. Learn how to define the characteristics and needs of online learners, ways to meet these needs through online instruction, and the differences between online and on-campus courses with respect to class participation, interaction, course materials, and the instructor’s involvement. Reinforce your skills by designing and delivering an online instructional unit in the academic or business environment.

    Implementing Technology and Support Systems for Online Learners

    The needs of online learners and faculty are unique. These needs become even more relevant when the next-generation learners are technology centered and have certain expectations about online learning. Organizations must now adapt to these needs by building flexible online learning support systems that can evolve in design and management. This course focuses on a wide range of management methods for online learning support units, including choosing personnel and evaluating educational technology. The goal for students is to create a plan incorporating elements including recruitment, marketing, student services, faculty pedagogy and technology training, and other research.

    Leading the Online Learning Operation

    Managers confront a number of major obstacles that stand in the way of introducing and developing digital education at their institutions. This course explores the character of the challenges you will face. Together with your instructor and peers, you will propose best practices to guide effective leadership strategies, with the aim of not only overcoming barriers but also creating sustainable virtual courses and programs.

    Finding and Keeping Online Learners (launching spring 2019)

    Developing familiarity with the skillful exercise of digital marketing techniques gives you the power to recruit students with the greatest chances of enrolling and then succeeding as online learners in your program. Taking a broad perspective on recruitment, this course goes beyond enrollment; it focuses on strategies that engage learners over time, beginning with admittance and continuing through orientation, online classes, and eventually graduation or completion of advanced training programs.