• Overview

    Jewish Culture is an interdisciplinary area of study drawing on courses offered across the university. Students study classic Jewish texts, both sacred and secular, and Jewish history from the time of Abraham to the present. Learn more about the Jewish Culture program.


    Minors are available to undergraduate students across The New School. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts can also pursue deeper study in this subject area through the self-designed major. To explore this, contact an academic advisor and read more about the self-designed option at Lang.


    Requirements for the Jewish Culture Minor

    The Jewish Culture minor requires completion of the following courses. For updated course listings with descriptions, visit the Lang course finder.

    • Two (2) foundational courses (total 8 credits)
      • LHIS 2861 Jewish History (4 credits)
      • LREL 2070 Hebrew Bible in Context (4 credits)
    • Three (3) electives listed or approved by the director. Of these, at least two (2) must be 3000 level or higher and two (2) may be language courses. (total 9-12 credits)
    • One (1) optional capstone experience (4 credits)

    Total credits: 17-20

    Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill minor requirements.

    Requirements Worksheet 

    Only specific courses satisfy the minor requirements, including electives. Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the chair of the program. Track your progress using the program requirement worksheet for the year in which you declared the minor in Jewish Culture.