• Overview

    In this interdisciplinary program, students look at the culturally constructed idea of sex difference in various contexts and the way gender and sexuality are renegotiated over time. Students explore the history of feminist thought and action; men’s studies; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender studies; and queer theory. Learn more about the Gender Studies program.


    Minors are available to undergraduate students across The New School. Those majoring in Liberal Arts (BA or BS, Liberal Arts) can also explore Gender Studies as a guided area of study.


    Only specific courses satisfy requirements of the minor, including electives. All of the courses that count toward the minor can be found in the Lang Course Finder. Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the Gender Studies program director. Credit for internships requires approval of the Gender Studies director. Students must receive grades of B or better in all courses taken to fulfill minor requirements.

    Number of Courses Required Courses Credits
    2 Foundational courses 8
    3 Electives (at least two must be 2000 level or higher) 9-12
    1 Senior Capstone 4
    Total courses:   5 Total credits: 21-24

    Students must receive a grade of C or better in every course used to fulfill area-of-study requirements. If you take a course in fall 2017 that is not included in this list and believe it should count toward your minor, please contact the Gender Studies program director.

  • Foundational Courses (8 credits)

    Foundational courses offer overviews of gender studies from a variety of perspectives, including cultural studies, history, and sociology. Some selections may be upper-level classes. Consult the director of the Gender Studies program when selecting courses that fulfill requirements. Past courses that have fulfilled this requirement are:


    NSOS 3800 Foundations of Gender Studies
    LSOC 2055 Gender, Social Inequality, and Cultural Work
    LHIS 2210 Gender, Race, and Citizenship 


    Electives (9-12 credits)

    See the Lang Course Finder for fall 2019 courses.

    Capstone Experience (3-4 credits)

    Students can satisfy their capstone experience requirement as follows:

    1. A capstone thesis in the major may count toward the Gender Studies minor if it contains significant gender and/or sexuality content.
    2. Independent study on an approved topic with a full-time faculty member.
    3. Advanced undergraduate or graduate-level class open to undergraduates:
    • GHIS 5302 The New Historia
    • NINT 5346 Mobility and Forced Migration
    • NURP 5111 Health Policy and Politics
    • NMDS 5117 Gender, Culture, and Media
    • PLFS 4003 Early Modern Fashion
    • PSAM 4849 Picturing Sexuality
    • PSAM 4855 Queer Visuality
    • PSDS 5401 Critical Fashion and Social Justice 

    Gender Studies Program Worksheets

    Requirements Worksheets

    Students can track their progress using the program requirement worksheet for the year in which they declared their minor in Gender Studies: