Contemporary Music


  • Overview

    Part of the interdisciplinary Arts curriculum at Eugene Lang College, the Contemporary Music program explores the global diversity of contemporary musical life along with music’s social, cultural, historical, political, and philosophical concerns. It focuses on music composing, performing, and listening practices in historical and theoretical contexts as well as past and present technologies, especially today’s digital media. This liberal arts curriculum highlights creative musical thinking and music-making in the spirit of The New School’s significant legacy of modern experimentation. Learn more about the Contemporary Music program.


    Minors are available to undergraduate students across The New School. Note: Students majoring in The Arts (BA, The Arts) can enroll in any minor of their choice, including an Arts minor in a discipline different from the one already being studied in their major. 

    This page outlines requirements for the Contemporary Music minor. Students can also study this subject as a major (BA, Contemporary Music) or as part of a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts). Students who major in The Arts (BA, The Arts) can choose the Arts in Context concentration, in which they can study music along with a liberal arts discipline. 


    Requirements for Contemporary Music Minor

    The minor in Contemporary Music requires completion of the following five (5) courses:

    • One introductory course on the history or theory of Western music (LMUS 2010, JMUH 2810, or the equivalent)
    • One introductory course on music in global perspectives (LMUS 2200, JMUH 3802, or the equivalent)
    • One additional course on music history, theory, or criticism
    • One additional course on popular or global music
    • One course on music technology or new media

    Total: 15-18 credits (only two 3-credit music courses can be counted toward any of these categories)

    Program Requirements Worksheet

    Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the director of the program. Students pursuing the Contemporary Music minor are encouraged to download the Arts Program Requirements worksheet for The Arts, found here, to track their progress. Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill concentration requirements. Students should refer to the current applicable Lang catalog for the Bachelor of Arts degree completion requirements and confirm their progress in satisfying those requirements with their academic advisor each semester.